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I'm half Polish, and most of the military men in my family have been from that side. Poland is a large, flat plain, lacking defensible borders. Different armies from neighboring countries have conquered it throughout history. Poland emerged as a nation at the end of World War I, a war my American/Polish uncle fought in. Germany tried to annex Poland in World War II. The citizens of Warsaw, the capitol, were barely keeping the Germans at bay. Warsaw radio was able to stay on the air. It couldn't broadcast real news, as that would help the enemy. Instead, it continuously played the Polonaise. At that moment, Poland was little more than the desire of people to think of it as a nation. As long as the Polonaise played, the public knew that Poland still existed.

In that spirit, I give you the Star Spangled Banner, born of similar history. I really don't understand how any Americans can take a knee to it. Because of permission settings, you'll have to watch this high quality rendition on YouTube. Just click it.


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