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Most Americans want a similar world. Politicians make much of their slight differences in vision. But the real difference is in the competency of leadership to create that world.

Ronald Reagan made a famous speech about tearing down the Berlin Wall. But George H. W. Bush was the guy in charge when the wall fell. With tons of international experience, the elder Bush acted like a traffic cop, ushering in the forces of democracy. He helped free East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, with East and West Germany unified. You could arguably add to the list. Reagan made the speech, but Bush did the work, and it couldn’t have been done any better.

Bill Clinton failed to stop the Rwandan genocide, but coordinated with NATO to stop another one in the disintegrating Yugoslavia.

George W. Bush wasn’t a wit on international affairs, so he trusted his top advisors. Unfortunately, they weren’t wits either. W invaded Iraq, set up a government, and brought troops home on a set time scale. But W was on a quicker time frame than Iraq, with the resulting power vacuum causing the Sunni Uprising.

Obama, also witless, repeated W’s error, bringing American troops home on a set time frame. His power vacuum coaxed the emergence of ISIS. France almost smashed the Arab Spring, but, realizing the error of its ways, stepped away from Tunisia, and a new democracy was born. But, after the first Arab Spring revolution in Egypt, Obama steered power to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Egyptians had to hold a second revolution to get rid of them. The net result is that Egypt is ruled by a general again, though this one being more popular.



The key to international success is competence, so I actively support Trump’s international approach. Areas of note:

Iran: The Obama deal was never ratified by the Senate as a treaty, so the only American guarantee is by Obama himself, and he’s gone. With $150 billion from the deal funding Iran’s bomb, Iran can take a decade to develop its missiles to deliver it. Trump would rather make an issue of this before they go nuclear, rather than after. I agree. What was it about “death to America” that Obama didn’t understand?

North Korea: The international community has played North Korea wrong for decades. Decades ago, North Korea had a real concern that the US would invade. But North Korea now has much more to worry about from China. China has slowly been annexing the South China Sea, and 20 years ago fought a war with Viet Nam over this. China can invade North Korea whenever it wants, and, within a few days, North Korea would cease to exist. With a 5,000 year old civilization, China thinks in terms of decades and millennia. In practical terms, it can’t scoop up North Korea until it has thoroughly digested the South China Sea. (They’re still digesting Tibet.) So North Korea figures it has a few decades to negotiate some sanity. China can wait another millennium to gobble up North Korea.

The Mideast: Unlike Obama, Trump let the generals run the war against ISIS. If Hitler had done similar in World War II, we may all be speaking German. The Western democracies went into Libya and Syria without an end game, or even a sense of direction. Russia has some military bases in Syria, and since the West couldn’t protect them, Putin would. Like Trump, Putin is extremely talented, and could dance circles around Obama’s clumsy moves. Iran received a pile of money for its nuclear deal, and has been partnering with Russia. I’m not religious, but Israel is America’s best friend in the region. Netanyahu and Trump think alike, and will work together to solve the problems there.

Global Trade: Of course I support global trade. But the billionaires of the world have figured out how to syphon its profits into their own pockets, while pushing a religion of globalism. And guess what: they spend their spare change propping up Democrats. Trade war? We’ve been in one for decades, and losing badly! China exports consumer goods for Walmart. The US exports IOUs. Oh, the glory of credit cards! But some day those bills will come due, and with a vengeance. Greece still has a 20% unemployment rate, and they did this only on a small scale. I support Trump’s effort to correct the trade imbalances.

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